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McKinney’s Best Windshield Replacement Repair Shop is at your service. Sometimes the only way to ensure safety is to replace it entirely. If this ever happens to be the case, we can rest assure you that we at Texas Windshield Service are well equipped to ensure that your vehicle leaves our doors as good as new! We employ some of the best and brightest certified glass repair experts who have been repairing and replacing glass on almost every variety of vehicles on the road for nearly a decade.

Just How Important Is Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

McKinney Windshields

Windshields are one of the biggest and most important components of your car and do a lot more than just protect you and your fellow passengers from the wind. They help to maintain the structural integrity of your car, and also help to deflect the airbag once it is deployed in the event of an accident. Finally, a windshield also stops the roof of a car from crumbling if the vehicle ever flips over. Clearly your vehicle’s windshield deserves more credit than it is being given, and this means that any damage to it needs to be taken just as seriously as you take to any other part.

When You Should Replace A Windshield?

While most damages to a windshield about the size of a quarter can be easily repaired, under certain conditions, it might become imperative that we replace it altogether. Whether or not the windshield needs to be replaced is determined by the severity of the damage, its size and location. Repairs to a windshield can only be performed if the damage is limited to the first layer of the glass if it goes deeper than that, then it is generally seen as severe trauma, in which case we will need to replace the windshield. The size of the damage is also important; we can repair damages such as bull’s eye chips as big as a quarter or cracks about 1 to 2 inches long, if the size of the damage exceeds this, we will recommend that you change the windshield altogether. Finally, even if the damage is small but falls in the driver’s line of sight, this will still warrant a windshield change.

Why Choose Texas Windshield Service

Besides from our collective expertise which spans many decades, we source all our windshields directly from OEM manufacturers who make windshields for automobile makers as well. This is partly the reason why we can quote you very low prices and can still give you a new windshield which is as good as the original. Finally, we also use urethane in bonding a windshield replacement which is the industry standard so you can be rest assured that your vehicle will be as good as new when it leaves our repair shop. For windshield glass in Rowlett, TX.

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