Windshield Repair

By the time you finish reading this page, you should realize how cost-effective windshield repair can be.  A chip or a small crack in your vehicle’s windshield can be a terrible thing to look at. Not to mention a safety hazard if it is anywhere near the driver’s view zone. Small chips and cracks to a vehicle’s glass happen all the time and without notice. Thankfully this is easily repaired by our highly trained and certified repairmen before it spreads.

Repair Your Broken Auto Glass Early

A stitch in time saves nine, as the saying goes and it definitely holds true when we are dealing with chips and cracks to your windshield. While small damages can seem insignificant, all it takes is a simple bump on the road to turn them into a big problem. Rocks chips the size of a quarter or smaller are easily repaired if caught soon enough. In fact, most insurance companies are willing to waive the cost. However, if the damage becomes too significant, you will be required to have the entire windshield replaced. Obviously, this will increase the cost factor to have your windshield replaced.

 Texas Windshield Repair Service Can Save You Money

windshield repair

Chipped Windshield

The friendly people at Auto Glass of McKinney are the best folks you can find for windshield crack repair. Each of our certified repair technicians has at least 9 years of experience dealing with glass damages on almost every variety of vehicles on the road, so no matter what ride you are driving, we can fix its windshields for you!

While each repair is a different challenge in itself, they all use the same basic technique, which is to first suck all the air out of the damaged area and then inject it with a special resin which solidifies within it. This helps to seal off the damaged part of the glass and also reinforce it. The tried and true method we use outperforms many of our competitors’ process and thus has a clearer outcome.

We Can Come To You Anywhere In McKinney

Want us to come over to your home or office to repair windshield damages? Simply give us a call and we will dispatch a repair technician to your place immediately!

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Texas Windshield Service can provide you with the lowest windshield repair costs anywhere in McKinney, period! You can contact us by phone or fill out the form below to get an estimate on how much a repair on your vehicle will cost.  Our parent company can help with Frisco auto glass repair.