What Sort Of Auto Glass Should You Buy

Auto Glass Types

If your vehicle’s glass work has sustained some rather serious damage such as a large crack or chip, then you will need to get it replaced, however with all the auto glass options that you can choose from, this may quickly become a hard decision to make. Let’s take a look at what kinds of auto glass exist.Auto Glass Replacement

Essentially there are three different types of windshields which most auto glass repair shops will use, these include – dealer glass, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass, and after market glass.

Dealer Glass

: This is auto glass which you can purchase from a dealership and has been authorized by the vehicle manufacturer. Glass of this kind is sourced directly from the same OEM manufacturer who makes the original glass for your vehicle’s brand. Most of these also come with a stamp of the vehicle’s make, so if you have a Honda and want to have windows which says that it was made for Honda, then a dealer glass is what you are looking for.

OEM Auto Glass

: OEM windshields are made to the same specification as dealer auto glass however they are not necessarily used by the automobile company which made your vehicle. For instance OEM windows designed for Toyota will have the same specs (thickness, transparency, color, size and shape) as the one used in Toyota vehicle however may not be from the same manufacturer who supplies these to Toyota. Why is this so? Well because auto companies like to renew their glass contracts with OEMs on an annual basis so the windshield company which made auto glass for your vehicle’s brand in 2010 may not be the same company which is making the auto glass for them in 2013. However note that this does not mean their OEM products is inferior to dealer glass, in most cases it is just as good.

Aftermarket Auto Glass

: Also known as OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) products, these are made by companies which have never had any affiliation with the auto brands. Such companies also do not have any legal rights to manufacture auto glass to the same specs as OEM auto glass. OEE windows are a lot cheaper than OEM glass and is often thinner and will not carry the same guarantee either.